Can Your Business Run Without You?

Can Your Business Run Without You?

Arthur Mayer spent 5 years being a project manager for construction companies before he started Greentek Construction in 2017. Greentek’s first year brought in $300,000 in revenue, they lost over $100,000 the second year, and are now at a million for their first quart of this year. Arthur has 5-7 in-house employees and 10-15 sub-contractors. There are usually 2-3 people per crew. They do mostly residential work.

Greentek is successful because of its solid foundation; it can run without Arthur needing to be there all the time. Arthur hires experts to do the tasks he doesn’t have time for. He has an in-house bookkeeper that does detailed job cost analysis and an attorney that specializes in construction. By allocating tasks to others, Arthur can take vacations without trying to run his business at the same time.

Whether you are a small or large business, the question is important to ask yourself as a business owner, “Can my business run without me?”

Key Take Aways and Info from Greentek Construction:

• Suggests Maria Plumtree with Plumtree and Associates 
• Has used Homebase previously for timesheets and hiring
• “Don’t take on too many jobs and get in over your head”
• Uses Copper as a CRM
• Uses SEO and Google pay per click
• Working with real estate developers to grow the business, with a goal of $50,000,000 in revenue for the next year

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