Digital Tools of the Trade

Digital Tools of the Trade

No B.S.

    • If you aren’t already using digital marketing tools, you’re behind in the game.
    • Make sure the marketing team you hire gives you a monthly report to show the work they’ve done.
    • It’s tempting to have someone from your company manage your social media, but it actually saves your company time and money to have a marketing team do it for you.

Throughout my time focusing on the roofing industry and related markets, I have noticed one thing: Competition is tough! I have also learned that reputation is key! While everyone has been staying home more, we have realized that there has been a shift from traditional advertising to digital. Fortunately, for Z3, this is a good thing. However, for others in the industry, it can be confusing and intimidating. Which social media platform works best, what is SEO (search engine optimization), and what is organic marketing? The organizations that have ventured down the digital road have seen some advantages in visibility and reputation management. The tools available for you are out there.

With digital marketing, the possibilities and ways to connect to your ideal customer are truly limitless! We can select certain demographics, physiographic, geographical locations, etc. to make sure we are focusing on your ideal customer.

The Tools:

    • Hyper-targeting, or also known as geofencing, is probably the most advanced and technical way to target your audience. Information from your cell phone (which is completely anonymous) is captured. If you want to find a list of those that searched for roofing repairs or hail damage in your specific market, it can be obtained. That specific list can receive your ad with a direct link to your website!
    • Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Tik Tok, etc., are available and will connect you to many different customers based on age and interests. Many companies will manage their social media and many do a great job of it. This strategy works out well, but this can be a big cost to your budget and this person usually wears many different hats in the organization. I always like to tell everyone that social media is like a train. It is slow to start and takes time to gain momentum. The time when you or anyone in your company is tired of looking at the same ad over and over again is when the customer has taken notice. It takes several repetitions to have the message sink in and that doesn’t account for any competition doing the same thing. When you stop posting consistently, you stop being in front of your potential customers.
    • Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is probably one of the most powerful tools that a roofing or solar company can invest in. The days of looking through the yellow pages to find what you need are slowly passing by and the new generation may not even know what the yellow pages are. Due to the speed and amount of information you can obtain, the modern-day yellow pages are Google and other search engine platforms. SEO is your key to being the first thing to show up when people search for roofing needs.

Their Pitch for You

Z3 Digital helps get businesses the best ROI from their online advertising dollars. Their team of online marketing experts are equipped with the experience and tools necessary to address any of your digital marketing needs.
Experience it for yourself with a 1-hour complimentary consultation.
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Josh Cafasso was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. He is a graduate of Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado with a Business Administration Degree emphasis in Marketing. During college, Josh studied abroad in Rome, Florence, and Italy studying International Marketing, Art History, and the Italian Language. After graduation, Josh moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked in Non-Profit and Restaurants before returning to Pueblo after two years. Josh spent over a decade in the hospitality industry in various roles, such as Sommelier, General Manager, and Restaurants Manager. Josh was the Pueblo Chapter President of the Colorado Restaurant Association from 2018 to 2019. Josh’s passion is the opportunity to develop and assist businesses and organizations through digital marketing. Josh is dedicated to each client’s specific goals for long term strategic success.
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