Get More Out of Your Social Media Accounts

Get More Out of Your Social Media Accounts

No B.S.

• Don’t be pushy about sales
• Video is KEY
• Use infographics
• Use memes
• Use low-commitment types of engagement
• Balance your content types


Have you posted awesome content to your business’s social media accounts and then…crickets? Does your business have followers but just can’t seem to get a single comment, like, or share? In this article we’ll look at what it takes to bust through the algorithms of social media platforms to get the attention your business needs and deserves through engaging content.

The most critical takeaway from this article is up first: don’t be pushy about sales. Constantly posting “check us out!” or “look at our sale” or “buy our stuff” just isn’t a solid strategy on social media, where people are online to connect, learn, or be entertained. This doesn’t mean tossing out the call to action (often called a CTA) altogether but rather reworking it to be more engagement-oriented. For example, at the end of a post about a new product you’re offering, instead of always directing people to your link in bio, alternate with using Instagram’s shop feature as the link for your image, and ask people to bookmark your post (the current top engagement strategy on Instagram). Specifically asking your following to like, share, bookmark, and comment will help drive up engagement.

You’ll see this advice everywhere, but video is KEY, which is why your company needs to utilize video in your social media content. From traditional long-form educational YouTube content to short-form entertaining TikToks, there are many options to incorporate video content into your brand.

• Allow employees of your company to film behind-the-scenes looks for Instagram stories, and reuse your TikTok videos on both YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.
• On Facebook, videos that are at least one minute long are the most engaging, and anything longer than three minutes will outrank other content.
• Across all platforms, using captions on your videos (whether you type them by hand or use an auto-generation program) adds accessibility and convenience to your video content.
• Share videos of the final work on your construction project.
• Share before and after videos.

Infographics are a visual way to get otherwise dry information to your audience and gives them a highly shareable piece of content.

• Find news, trends, and credible statistics that directly pertain to your brand and business and condense into an infographic or slideshow of graphics (with proper credit) to educate your followers and encourage sharing to widen your audience. For example, share comparisons on metal roofs to wood shingles,  your financing options, your basic pricing, the benefits of using solar, etc.
• Canva offers tools to easily create stunning infographics and slideshows. Because marketing can often be confusing, we’ve incorporated easily digestible and actionable infographics into our content with great success on the engagement front – check out our social @TeamZ3 to see some of this content.

Memes are sort of an antithesis to infographics, but can be just as informative, and are easy likes and shares from your followers.

• Use or create memes that reflect your business or industry, or even create a meme template and ask your followers to submit them, and be sure to post your favorites with credit.

Followers love low-commitment types of engagement, such as polls and question boxes. Your followers simply need to click an option for a poll or use a box rather than search for an appropriate place to ask their questions.

• Use information from infographics to create polls
• Hold trivia contests
• Have followers vote on upcoming product colors
• Occasionally use the question box option on Instagram to hold “ask me anything” (AMA) sessions — these are all low-commitment types of engagement strategies that also develop relationships with your followers in the process.

Finally, ensure more engagement with a balance of content types. Not every follower will resonate with all the types of content you share, so decide on some categories to try out with your social accounts and rotate through them. For example, you could use memes on Mondays, videos on Wednesday, and polls on Friday. Use this rotation to gauge what content performs the best with your audience, and shift your content types periodically so that your followers don’t get bored.

With these strategies at your fingertips, your business will soon be breaking through algorithms and earning more engagement than ever before, and Z3 Digital is happy to help answer any questions you might have about strategy for your social media accounts


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Timothy A. Zercher is the CEO of Z3 Digital. The Z3 Digital team manages over 30 companies’ online marketing, websites, and advertising efforts all over the U.S. and is based in Southern Colorado.



Jordan Boesch is an Eastern Shore native transplanted to Southern California, where her husband still teases her for how she pronounces “orange” and “water.” She has a background in journalism, photography, and graphic design, and owned a logo design and typography business for eight years. Currently, she homeschools her four kids while managing the Social Media Team at Z3 Digital. When she isn’t wrangling words and grammar into place, she takes up her hobby of gaming, trying to keep her team alive as a main support player.

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