Popular Interview Questions

Popular Interview Questions

How can you decide if someone is going to be a good fit for your team? There are obvious methods; references, background checks, and drug tests. Most successful business owners will advise you to hire a good team. A team of people that work well together, have the same values as you, and are reliable. Think of them as your work family. The main difference is you get to actually choose these family members.

How to Choose:

    • A. Fricker Roofing– Ask them if they have ever installed wood shake. Asks them if they are willing to work 80 hours a week.
    • EZ Roofing– Learn about where the interviewee is at in their life and where they want to be. Ask a question that doesn’t have a correct answer to see how they go about answering it.
    • Reisch Roofing– Find someone who is a self-starter and is going to help make your business better. They aren’t just there for the paycheck. They care about being part of your company.
    • B & R Home– Look for someone that hasn’t jumped from job to job in a short amount of time. Look for consistency in their past work.
    • Accent Roofing– Avoid people who show signs of dishonesty: fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, sweating, etc. Some of these signs could just be because the interviewee is nervous. It’s up to you to create an interview environment that they are comfortable in. Observe their energy to verify their honesty.
    • 3rd Gen Home Improvements– Ask them about their ice shield and chimney flashing processes. Ask to see their equipment and setup.
    • Rob Jolly Roofing– Ask them to draw you a diagram of shingles installation. Ask them how they repair a vent pipe that is leaking. If they say they’ve never had leaks before, they are lying.
    • Maven– Ask them their ‘why’. Why do they want to work for you? Why roofing/solar? Give them an exercise that will show their abilities. Be aware of interviewees with evictions or drivers license problems. This could be a problem later on for you with insurance.
    • Black and White Roofing– Remember that you can teach most skills, but you can’t teach personal skills. If they aren’t a ‘people-person’, you can’t change that. Spend about 1-2 hours in the interview to really get to know the person.

    By the Roofing-Insider Editing Team 

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