Run Your Business; Don’t let it Run You

Run Your Business;  Don’t let it Run You

Wendy David’s business experience started with watching her parents run their crop-dusting business. From there, she just kept growing her business experience and knowledge. Before she started her roofing business, she ran a successful marketing company.

Even with her decades of experience in business, her and her business partner, Brian LePire, still did a lot of research before starting All County Roofing. She didn’t just assume it would be exactly like running her marketing company. The most useful tool she found was The Roofing Academy. She started with listening to their Start Build Grow podcasts and book. Once she joined the academy, they helped her and her business partner the rest of the way.

Wendy’s main advice for roofing business owners is to get their bookkeeping organized and accurate. Use resources and tools if you don’t know how to do the numbers yourself. She uses Quickbooks and highly recommends her bookkeeper, Debbie Sinclair, DHS Accounting Consultant. Wendy emphasized that having someone who knows bookkeeping for roofing companies specifically is key.

Wendy’s insights and success seem to be centered on being organized. Instead of letting her day run her, she organizes and runs her day. She is intentional with her work. When something needs to be done, she doesn’t just put it on a list and do it when she has time. She schedules the time and makes it happen. When going with the flow is more like being swept away by a rapid in the construction world, Wendy makes sure she’s in control of navigating the waters.

Key Take-Aways & Info from All County Roofing:

• 26% commercial work, 63% residential, and 10% repairs
• 5-10% revenue dedicated towards marketing
• She suggests 10-20% of revenue before taxes to always be in your savings
• Requires 30% deposit to hold pricing and get on their calendar/ remainder due upon completion
• She suggests Quickbooks, Acculynx, and SumoQuote
• Since their first year, All County Roofing has increased revenue 25% each year
• Wendy wrote a great article for roofing customers that you can find here


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