The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow

It’s common knowledge that a business should find a unique name; a ‘purple cow’. Something easy enough to remember but unforgettable. Marty Grisham, with Roof Nerds, did exactly that. When he found it, he knew he struck gold. He immediately put a trademark on it. From there, Marty had plenty of other successful business strategies and practices.

Marty was a roofing sales representative for 13 years before he started Roof Nerds. The first year, they made 60-80K. His most recent year amounted to 500K. Like many others, he’s happy with the size of his business and wants to remain small.

Marty’s main advice for someone just starting a roofing business: Keep the sales in your own hands. He explained that salespeople won’t be as determined to do as good of a job as you will initially.

Key Take Aways and Info from Roof Nerds:

• When looking for a roofer to hire as a customer, tell them you have 3 other companies you are interviewing to motivate them to compete.
• Don’t take on any work that might be too much; start small.
• Keeps 100K in savings for the business at all times.
• Uses digital marketing companies to create promotional videos.
• To find quality workers, asks suppliers who they see doing a lot of flat roof work.
• Find a ‘purple cow’ name.
• Be your own sales person starting out.

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