Working Hard in Paradise

Working Hard in Paradise

12 years ago in British Columbia, Colin started in sales for Interlock Metal Roofing. On his vacation to Hawaii, he asked himself the question many vacationers ask their selves, “Why don’t I live here?”. Unlike most vacationers, Colin followed through with it. 6 years ago, he moved to Hawaii and started his own roofing business.

Colin’s business, Hawaii Metal Roofing Supply, started small and stayed small by choice. His first year he did 20 roofs; now he does about 40-50 a year. He has 3 employees and various subcontractors. His business is so successful and well known that he only hires people he knows. To make sure his workers are happy and doing their best work, he uses a performance-based payment method. He advises hiring good people and train them well so you can free up your time to have a good work-life balance.

Colin’s main advice was to avoid improperly analyzing costs and focusing solely on competing for price. If you sell at a decent profit margin and provide high-quality work, your work will stand out enough to not need to compete for lower prices.

Key Take-Aways & Info from Hawaii Metal Roofing Supply:

• Likes to ask people to tell him about a situation where they showed leadership in interviews. If they don’t give a story with detail, they are probably lying.
• For larger jobs, he asks for 50% deposit up front and 25% halfway through.
• Uses SalesRabbit, Trello, Dropbox, and Legal Shield
• Specializes in Interlock Roof Systems


By the Roofing-Insider Editing Team

*Photo provided by Colin Goehring 

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